Object height and layer count wrong

  • In the web interface, both object height and layer count are displayed wrong.
    I am sure that this is because my end-Gcode includes a command to lower the build plate. The solution suggested in another thread, to change the command from a G1 to a G0, did not make a difference to this.
    So: Is there a way to lower the buildplate without confusing the firmware about the size of the object?

    Thank you in advance for any replies 🙂

  • I had this problem a while back! The cure for me was to put an 'E' after the comment semi-colon, like this:

    G1 Z220 ;E drop the print bed (E to exclude from layer count)

    (Obviously, you need to be in absolute positioning mode for this to work)

  • Thank you, that really worked 😄

  • Glad it worked! Unfortunately I forgot to give full credit to David for that solution.

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