Problems changing extrusion multiplier with PanelDue

  • Ok I am running the DWF with a DueX2 and a 4.3'' PanelDue with Firmware 1.16.
    I have two tools and recently I wanted to change the extrusion multiplier while printing with both tools.
    But it didn't work. I hit the "100" of the second tool and adjusted the multiplier and then hit "SET". I saw for a second the multiplier chaning but then going back to "100" but the multiplier of the first tool changed instead. At least it showed that number…

    Changing with the WebIF works so...

  • administrators

    Thanks for the report. I know I've fixed this in the source code already, but I can't remember whether the fix is in the current live version (1.17) or waiting for the 1.18 release. I think it's waiting for 1.18.

  • Cool I knew there was a newer version but the release notes didn’t contain anything interesting for me so I didn’t update yet…


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