Smart Effector wiring

  • He, just a quick question about the Smart Effector:
    I am converting my delta from the standard effector to the smart one. The cable loom is already there and it is based on the Think3DPrint3D Effector Breakout Board, with 10 wires in it. It seems that I'm missing one wire for the Z Probe Mod.
    It is quite a hassle to add one wire into the loom…
    Is this cable used to adjust the Smart Effector Z Probe sensitivity? Will the sensor operate without this wire connected?

  • Yes I believe it will work without it, as it can be fitted to non-duet machines which don't have the mod signal. To be fair the default setting works fine.

  • administrators

    Yes you can leave out the Z Probe Mod signal, but then you won't be able to change the sensitivity. So I suggest you try it without, and add the extra wire only if the default sensitivity doesn't work for you.

  • Thanks David.
    Since I am running an airpump for my part cooling, I have sacrificed the part cooling fan wire from my loom, to make it the Z Probe Mod Signal.

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