Magnetic field problem

  • İ have delta smart effector on my little monster. İ was having problem with hotend cooling fan was not working. Now i find out problem but there is no fix at the moment. When i remove the effector from arms fan is working than when i start to attach arms to the effector its stopping to work. Magnetic field creates a problem for fan to work. So how i can solve this problem? This is very strange problem and i am curious how people fixed this issue? Sometimes when i attached arms fan looks working but it works with much much less speed which is not effective.

    here is the video of my problem

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    1. Make sure that the arm directions at the two adjacent studs in each corner are opposite, so that one is a N pole and the other is a S pole. That also gives the strongest grip. I have the arm directions in each carriage pair opposite too, but you might find it better not to do it this way.

    2. Move the fan further away from the studs, if possible.

    3. Try a different make/model of fan. Some are more sensitive to magnetic fields than others.

  • i checked arm poles and set them up as you suggest and fan start to work but still not efficient. than i remove 2 top screws that are holding fan to fanduct. and now is working better but still not full power

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    I'm glad it's working better. You could use Nylon screws in that position.

  • still not perfect but i think it will work for now. i ordered 30 20 fan which is more powerfull i guess that will work much better

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