Lets Share Good Examples of Secondary Feature Usage (I2C, GPIO, ect)

  • I have a duet wifi and I am currently setting up a duex5 for a diamond hot end. There seems to be a lot of non-essential functionality to exploit via the uncommitted IO pins- especially with the on board voltage converters. I have a stack of raspberry pis, esp8266, and various sensors and chips to the roof and Id love to see some of y'alls usage of these things to get myself inspired and more importantly‚Ķ.. informed.

    I am particularly interested in being able to connect the printer to my MQTT server so that I can issue Alexa based voice commands. If I could tell the echo to raise the hot-end 10mm without having to go through all the menus it would be my nerdy dream come true. I have learned through much trial and error the ins and outs of the little micro processor boards but messing around with my $350 of duet hardware seems like a bad idea. Im happy to break a $4 Lolin in the pursuit of higher education but not so much my pride and joy printer.

    I cant seem to find any good tutorials or resources for some more advanced ideas.

    So here is your chance to brag about your setup to someone who actually cares! (unlike everyone i know who just smiles, nods, and trys not to yawn. Maybe you all have cooler friends than I do).

    Thanks for a nudge in the right direction.

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