Dual extrusion on a pendulum x-carraige

  • I am sorry about posting this but I am looking for some validation and as I can seem to wrap my head around this and come up with a valid answer.

    I am tired of my duel e3d on my Prusa clone destroying prints with the second hotend. I have printed a carriage from Thingiverse ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2260178 ). I need to use the servo to tilt the hot end to use each hotend. I am familiar with utilizing heater 3 on the 40 pin connector like I did when I had a BL touch. I understand the need to use M307 H3 A-1 C-1 D-1 which is pin 8 and for 5 volts use pin 1 and 2 is ground. The issue I am having is getting my mind wrapped around the servo control which is M280. I need to add the heater number as P3 if I am correct and for the first hot end I would need to use S0 to have the lowest through of the servo for 1 extruder and S180 for the other as it is a complete sweep of the servo from 1 hotend to the other.

    Would I place the code, M280 P3 S0, for example, in the tool section of my slicer?

    Is it going to damage the servo if it calls up the tool 0 and it is already there?

    Can some one clarify if I am correct and if not correct it for me?


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    You can place the M280 commands in the tool change files tpost0.g and tpost1.g. Sending the same servo command again won't damage it.

  • Thank you dc42. I am having fun and learning more and more about the hardware every day.

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