This could be similar to other requests

  • But I feel it definitely needs it.

    Job History, I'd like to be able to see how long previous jobs took to print so I will know how long it will take to print a new one, since you know, the estimation on simplify 3d is always off by about 20-30%

    On the Rostock Repetier firmware there is a little display that shows how many hours it's been printing and how many meters of filament have been used, I saw this but I'm just voicing that I, would also like to see it.

    aside from adding some sort of webcam support other than IP Cameras that would also be nice just not sure how it could be accomplished. Maybe do some sort of breakout from the GPIO pins for a USB header? then, the more difficult part is to support a wide range of cameras, but if you just did 1 popular camera that everyone has access to like Logitech branded ones might be easier.

    That's it for now I guess 😃

    Overall I am still happy I purchased the Duet Wifi, it's been a dream to use on my Rostock Max.

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