Trying to convert my printer to a Duet Wifi

  • I have a Corexy machine that is controlled by a lerdge board

    Here is how bed is currently wired to the board

    Can anyone tell me the correct way to wire to the duet. I tried reading the wiki but got a little confused by it all when it came to the bed. No idea what a MOS Tube is.

    Basically the headtbed and power supply connect to a MOS Tube and then the MOS Tube control connects to the lerdge board.

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    You can connect it to the Duet in exactly the same way, except there is only one pair of red and black wires between the PSU and the Duet.

    Make sure that you get the + and - wires from the PSU to the Duet VIN terminal block the right way round. Also the control wires from the Duet bed heater output to the mosfet module are probably polarised (i.e. + and - connections), so you need to get them the right way round too.

    If the bed heater is no more than 400W then you could dispense with the mosfet module and connect it directly to the Duet bed hester output. However, as the mosfet module is already in place, you may as well use it..

  • Which connection on the duet is for the control of the heat bed though? The large green block?

    What affect does only having one pair of red and black wires between the PSU and the Duet have? Should I double them up?

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    Yes it's the large green terminal block labelled BED HEAT. Normally you would connect the bed heater directly to these terminals, but you can also use the output from them to control a SSR or mosfet switch.

    In this case the wires between the PSU and the Duet won't be carrying the bed heater current, so you shouldn't need to double the wires. However, if you have two sets of wires from the PSU already, and you can twist 2 wires at the other end together and they will fit in the ferrules provided with the Duet, then you may as well double them in that way.

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