First time tuning, need advice.

  • Hey guys I need some advice.
    I wanted to setup my delta printer for the first time.
    To do that I followed the guide in the wiki (

    First I checked the mechanical setup of my build.
    Then did a basic setup of the firmware and set the geometrical parameters of my printer with the M665 command.
    I did not set any end stop adjustments in the firmware as the guide said that this will be done by the auto calibration and the end stops should only be off by a couple of tenth of a mm.

    As a Z-probe I'm using an induktive sensor. The sensor is mounted roughly 2 cm from the nozzle and maybe slightly slanted (but that shouldn't be a problem, as the offset generated by the the probe not being perfectly perpendicular to the build plate is constant). To account for the offset from the probe to the nozzle I used the G31 command.

    For the auto calibration I first measured the trigger hight in the center of the bed. To do this I set my bed and hot end to the desired operating temperature and used the nozzle to grab a pice of paper. Then I set the Z hight to 0.1mm, moved the head up 5mm, used the G30 S-1 command to probe the bed at the point and figure out the trigger height. I did this 5 times and took the average value ( roughly 0.85mm) .

    I then created 16 points for the auto calibration using the escher3d website. For each point I adjusted the trigger height by "Hxxx where xxx = (trigger height at that point) - (trigger height at centre point)" . This was done in the same manner as I it was done for the center hight.

    Sadly when I now move my nozel over the bed the distance between the bed and the nozel is not constant.

    Is there maybe another guide or am I missing something?
    My next step would be to do a manual calibration with just the endstops and then repeat the auto calibration process.

    Thanks for the help

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    1. Check on the GCode Console page that the auto calibration succeeded. It should show you the deviation before and after calibration.

    2. You may need to run auto calibration more than once initially, until the deviation converges on a low value.

    3. Did you save the new M665 and M666 parameters after auto calibration? Either manually, or by sending M500 (which only works if you have a 501 command near the end of config.g to invoke config-override.g).

    HTH David

    1. Yes, I did that. The deviation after 4 runs was at roughly 0.1 mm
    2. What is a low value?
    3. I used the M500 command and have the M501 in my config.g

    Are there other methods of turning my printer?

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