Power/USB issue faulty board?

  • Hi.

    I have an issue with my duet ethernet in the core XY I am building. Today I have not been able to power the board up at all just some of the LEDs and the LEDs on the expansion board ware flickering. I assumed there was an issue with the firmware so tried to reflash the board with no luck I have since removed the board from the machine and now just have 3 red LEDs flickering when I plug in the USB and the computer will not detect the board when trying to reflash the firmware. I also noticed the board is very hot around U2 and the network interface.

    Any ideas? or is it a case of buying a new board

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    I'm sorry to hear that your Duet Ethernet has stopped working.

    U2 is the 3.3V regulator chip. I assume you have disconnected everything from the board except for USB, and there is nothing conductive underneath the board. There are two likely possibilities:

    1. There has been a short between +12V/+24V and either +5V or +3.3V. If that is the case, multiple chips will have failed, and the board is beyond economic repair.

    2. The network interface chip only has failed and it is overloading the 3.3V regulator U2. If that is the case, the board should work without the network interface.

    If your Duet is still under warranty, ask your supplier for a replacement. Otherwise, I suggest you carefully remove the network interface daughter board (use long nose pliers to squeeze the 2 parts of the end of each plastic standoff pillar together to release it). Then apply USB power to the Duet again, check if U2 is now cool, remove the M552 S1 command in config.g so that it doesn't try to start the network, and see if you can get the board working or flash new firmware to it. If you can, then you can buy just a replacement Ethernet daughter board.

  • Thank you for the advice.

    After a bit of playing around the board is working fine without the LAN Module when I control the board over USB. so looks like I can get away with just replacing the LAN Module.

    where can i purchase a replacement LAN module? I have just ordered another duet from this site so if I can add one to that order that would be fantastic.



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    Yes you should be able to add it to the order. Send an email to info at Duet3D for com.

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