Filament monitor working well!

  • Finally had a chance today to set up the (magnetic/rotary) filament monitor - naturally David has posted that now a laser version is in testing!

    Anyway it works great, has made it really easy and reliable to use up the entire spool, then unpause and feed in the start of the next spool behind it.

    Printed the standard case and hit jammed the PTFE into the hole. Will print a more permanent mount and do better cable routing soon. Set up is on a Fusion3 F400.


    ;Filament monitor
    M591 D0 P3 S-26.5 C3 R50 E3.0
    M591 D0

    M305 report:

    Duet3D filament sensor on endstop 3, no microswitch, -26.5mm per rev, check every 3.0mm, tolerance 50.0%, current angle 335.7

    I also added some lines to pause.g so I get an audible notification: (which is untested)

    M300 S3000 P1000
    M300 S4000 P1000
    M300 S5000 P1000
    M300 S6000 P1000
    M300 S7000 P1000

  • I'd agree that if all printer setups allowed mounting the monitor as well as this, it would work consistently well, but trying to balance it above a remote direct drive extruder on a delta effector, not quite so straightforward.

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