Map general PWM-I/O pins on extension header as fan

  • Hi,

    is it possible to use PWM capable I/O pins on the extension header that are configured as I/O pins as fans?

    Fan 0 and 1 on my Duet 0.8.5 are in use. I disabled Heater 4 and 5 on the extension header and use them as PWM outputs for 2 more fans, but can't control them thermostatically (only manually with macro). So a mapping as fans would be convenient.


  • Yes this would be useful something equivalent to Arduino's M42 Px command.

  • administrators

    You can already control them with M42 Px. What AndreS is asking is to control them via M106 instead.

    AndreS , I'll add this to the firmware wish list. However, firmware 1.20 is planned to be the last release for the legacy Duets (0.6 and 0.8.5). Of course, if you build the firmware yourself then you can remap the fans to PWM channels as you wish.

  • It would potentially be useful to be able to map M106 fan control to ANother pin, provided it was used carefully with appropriate external mosfets/diodes to protect the IO pin.

  • Thanks David,
    it's sad that it could not be implemented to 0.8.5 where only 2 Fan outputs exists.
    I have a DuetWifi in another printer, maybe its of help there sometime.

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