Home to min seems to go the wrong way?

  • Hey all,

    Bit stumped on this one.

    Installed my new Duet WiFi and mostly it went without a hitch (except for a Z probe which I ended up replacing with a mechanical endstop). I've got a Hypercube Evolution, a CoreXY design, which was previously running a MKS Sbase.

    Anyway, did some basic tuning to make sure my steps were all happy first. When I went to do +10 on the X, it would move away from the front left corner (where it should be 0,0,0). When I hit -10 on the X it goes back. Excellent! When I hit +10 on the Y it goes away from me toward the back of the printer and vice versa. Excellent again! Z works the same way… moves down and away from the print head when I say +10 and up towards the hot end with -10. Firmware (config.g is here https://goo.gl/rbQM5o in txt form) is set to home to min on all axes.

    Went to home and the X works fine. Went to home the Y and it starts heading to the max.

    I know I could just set the Y to home to max, or reverse it, but that kind of confuses everything else.

    Any ideas what the issue is? 99% sure it's a simple issue with my config. 🙂

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  • David, you are a legend. I'd configured the homeall.g file but not the individual axis files.

    I owe you a beer one day.

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