M42 with the DueX5 GPIO Pins

  • I'm looking to use the GPIO pins with the M42 commands. With nothing connected and after issuing an M42 P100 S255 I measure 4.92V on the GPIO1 pin. With a multimeter connected i verified that i can toggle the pin between 0 and 5v with S0 and S255 as well as testing the in-between values. However, when i attach the GPIO1 pin to the signal and the GND of the GPIO&I2C to the ground of a mosfet board the mosfet will not activate. moving the signal wire from the GPIO1 to the 5V on the same header activates the mosfet and the light comes on. When plugged into the mosfet board the GPIO pin reads 0.7 Volts and not triggering the mosfet indicator LED.

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    The GPIO pins have high value (100K) pullup resistors to +5V. You probably need to use a much lower value pullup resistor to +5V to provide enough current to activate your mosfet board.

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