Non Working PanelDue and "Flash command failed"

  • Hi:

    I have a PanelDue v3.0 board that do not works.
    I connect to Linux PC by USB connector and the screen remains black.
    Then when I try to update the firmware I get this missage from bossac 1.7.0

    $ sudo ./bossac -e -w -v -b PanelDue-v3-5.0.bin
    Device found on ttyACM0
    Atmel SMART device 0x289b09e0 found
    Erase flash
    done in 0.002 seconds

    Write 96916 bytes to flash (190 pages)

    0% (0/190 pages)

    Flash command failed

    What can I do with this?

    I have a Flash memory damaget chip in this board ?

    The 5inch screen works fine, I have tested it with another PanelDue board.


  • administrators

    You need bossac 1.8.0, not an earlier version.

  • Hi dc42:

    bossac 1.7.0 is the latest binaries avalable for Linux.

    But I have tested BOSSA 1.8.0 on WindowsXP running on a VirtualBox Machine
    and it works fine.

    Firmware uploaded and now my PanelDue works fine.

    Thanks for your help.



  • Hi dc42,
    Today I wanted to upgrade the firmware to my PanelDue v3.0a,(big mistake)… I downloaded Bossa 1.8 for mac, as in windows10 there's no way i can get it working, so I erased and reset as per instructions, then flashed the .bin
    The operation is ended successfully, and even verify the program is ok.
    Then i press reset, but the display still dead what I'm doing wrong??
    I have a 5" display, and the .bin is the PanelDue-v3-5.0.bin Version 1.20beta1
    Thank you for any help

  • administrators

    Check that you downloaded the file correctly. It should be 97.6kb in size. A frequent mistake when downloading files from github is to right click on the link to the file instead of clicking on the link to follow it, then you end up downloading the web page describing the file instead of the file itself.

  • I downloaded it correctly, as is the right size,
    I tried again this morning with the same file and hopefully is all ok now.
    Did the same thing as yesterday… maybe is just the bossa program being funny sometimes.
    Thank you for the answer anyway.

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