Question on Z Probe display on DWC

  • I've noticed that when the smart effector is probing the bed that the Z Probe field in the DWC does not always update. I can see the LED flash when the effector touches the bed but the value remains at zero. Other times the display is updated to 1000. This is using the new P8 as the M558 option. The SE is currently set to default sensitivity. Using the latest firmware and DWC. I've tried changing the sensitivity but it doesn't make much difference.

    Is this a symptom of a problem or is it just that the DWC doesn't always update properly? The delta calibrates OK and the height map is not bad but I sometimes get a flyer value that doesn't make sense.


  • DWC only updates periodically and so not every trigger is seen.

  • Thanks, that was sort of what I expected. I wasn't sure if the firmware was able to push a update to the DWC or if the DWC polled the firmware. Just a little disconcerting to not see a change when you're expecting it.

    While I'm here is P8 now the recommended switch setting for the SE? Any reason not to use P8?

  • I'm curious - where is P8 documented? I did a quick search here and didn't get any hits. The Smart Effector wiki states P5, and the Duet G-code wiki ( doesn't list anything past P6.

  • see in the 1.20beta10 section P8 is same as P5 but with the filtering removed.

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    I've now added it to the GCodes wiki page.

  • Thanks - I was beginning to think it was a beta thing. My life is too busy to test & track betas these days, and so I only read release notes when I upgrade to a stable version. These days, I just want things to work.

    I do, however, appreciate all the people who take the time to develop & test the alphas and betas. I spent a couple years as a designated beta tester for 2 different handheld GPS units several years ago. I well remember the time involved, testing hardware and firmware features over and over, trying all sorts of various ways to wring out any problems. Even before then, I worked for HP (commercial printer group) for a while as a firmware test technician, running HP-UX routines and slaughtering hordes of trees in the process.

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