Cancelled printing file x.gcode, print time was xh ym

  • Hi guys. Any idea why a model would stop printing mid way with the above message? I didn't click cancel. I uploaded the gcode twice in case it was a bad upload. Using RC1 and RC2 did the same thing. It stopped at different points.

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    Did you have DWC attached at the time, and if so, were there any popups or messages on the GCode Console page?

  • The only message was canceled printing file. Is how can I further troubleshoot this one? Is there anything in the RC know to cause canceling?

  • Perhaps you could share the gcode and David can simulate it on his test rig?

  • I'm going to run another test. It might have been a mistake on my part. I had the USB plugged into a Raspberry Pi running Repetier Server. I've had problems with it resetting prints before. To be clear, I am printing directly from the Duet board, but the USB plugged into the Pi has caused problems in the past. I'll report back in the morning. Thanks!

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    If Repetier Server behaves the same way as Repetier Host then it may be enabling large amounts of debug info, which could be contributing to the problems.

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