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  • Hello Everyone,

    New to the forum, and to Duet3D.

    I recently received my Duet3D Wifi along with a 7" PanelDue that I'm going to use to control the CoreXY I'm building. Using all the great info on the web sites I had it up and running in no time and connected to my home network using Duet Web Control. It was surprisingly painless. 🙂 I also printed one of the enclosures listed for it on my Prusa. I was very, very happy!

    Now the bad news… As I was installing the PanelDue in the enclosure I dropped it! Miraculously the LCD survived unscathed, and it still works perfectly! Not so for the touch panel. It had a big crack which rendered it useless! I happened to have an older 7" LCD/touch panel lying around. By size and appearance they are virtually identical including the connector pinout. Additionally, much of the electronics are the same including most of the component layout and the silkscreen on the back of the PCB. Unfortunately the two boards do not use the same graphics controller, and when I connect this LCD to my PanelDue V3.0 controller board nothing happens. It doesn't even light up.

    My question is does anybody know anything about just the touch panel? It appears to be a resistive panel when I compare it to others on the web. Is that true? It was stuck to the metal frame around the LCD with double sticky tape. Removal pretty much finished destroying it, but it left the frame of the LCD clean. I went to eBay and found several touch panels, and even a few that have the same exact dimensions (99mm X 164mm), but none appear to have the same cable length and location. I found this one on eBay that appears to be fairly close on all counts.

    I took a small gamble and ordered it since it's the only one I saw that might get here before February, and it wasn't too expensive. Does anybody have any thoughts on whether or not this touch panel might actually work? Or does anyone have another source in Europe or even a better idea? Hopefully I won't have to order an entire new PanelDue to replace a 12 Euro piece of glass due to a clumsy moment.



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    The touch panel is indeed resistive, and that one looks like a suitable part to me. It all depends on whether the connector position, connector type and wire length are compatible.

  • Just a follow-up to my first post. I went to eBay to look for a replacement touch panel. I found 4 that were close enough to try, and they were all cheaper than buying an entire new 7" PanelDue. My main considerations were the length of the flex cable and its placement. The cable placement on the best touch panel was off by about 2cm, but the cable was longer, and it reaches the connector on the LCD PCB without a problem. I will need to secure the small loop of extra cable, but that should be fine.

    The other spec I didn't consider was whether the picture in the listing was of the front or back of the panel. Besides affecting which side has the adhesive (a minor inconvenience), turning it over also reverses the cable placement (a MAJOR inconvenience). I ASS-U-MEd they were all showing the front side of the touch panel, as it would be mounted on the LCD. Nope! Luckily, the one with the correct cable placement was correct.

    Anyway, I just wanted to provide the eBay link to the one that works in case any of you have your own clumsy moment. Ideally the cable would be about 2cm closer to the center, but as I mentioned, this one works.

  • Came here for exactly this reason. Thank you for posting your findings. I have ordered one of the digitizers that you linked here.

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    There is also a thread about using 7" CPLD touch panels with PanelDue.

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