Duet Web Control - Touch screen nightmare!

  • I'm driving a Delta printer based on DC42 large delta but with 'Midi' dimensions including 300mm DIA bed and 24V heated bed, powered by Duet Wifi.
    I'm using a 10" Asus Android touch screen Tablet running Duet Web Control, and a Volcano type hot end.
    So 9 hours into a 14 hour print I hit pause to tidy away a NIU secondary print fan that was about to foul the Z drive belt.
    Then my clumsy large finger hit the 'Cancel' instead of the 'Resume' button !!
    Please, Please can these buttons have a larger separation?
    Better still pop up a "Confirm Y/N" window when 'Cancel' is touched/clicked.

  • You are right it's easy to incidentally cancel the print.
    If you'd like a confirmation window after hitting cancel just replace lines 349 - 352 in the file www/js/interface.js which are:

    $("#btn_cancel").click(function() {
    	sendGCode("M0 H1");	// Stop / Cancel Print, but leave all the heaters on
    ```with these:

    $("#btn_cancel").click(function() {
    showConfirmationDialog(T("Cancel print"), T("This will irrevocably cancel your print.

    Are you REALLY sure you want to do this?"),
    function() {
    sendGCode("M0 H1"); // Stop / Cancel Print, but leave all the heaters on

    Then tell me if it works.

  • administrators

    If you are using a DuetWifi you need to package up DWC after making any changes. See the readme file here:


  • Thanks.
    I'll try that and let you know how I get on.


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