For commisioning purpose make output of z-probe to DWC/PanelDue longer

  • Hi David,

    there are some z-probes out there, which produce only a very short pulse (FSR, Piezo, smartEffector). There are leds on the z-probe electronic, so you can see that the z-probe itself works.
    Duet will work fine with it, but you can mostly not see it in DWC or PanelDue.
    If you have all commissioned and your printer works fine thats all good.

    But while you set up your z-probe it would be good to see if I have the z-probe configured correctly.
    With the actual firmware you will command a G30, tap the nozzle and see if it will stop. If not you have to kill power or send M999 to stop the move.

    My wish:
    An M-code or parameter of an existing code that I send. The next z-probe trigger (tap on the nozzle) will be send longer to DWC/PanelDue so you have a feedback that you have correctly configured your z-probe. So you dont have to move the print head.
    There could be two choices: A one-shot longer sending, and/or on on-off switch.


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