Bl touch deploys while printing

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    I have suddenly started having the bl touch smart deploy rapidly in and out during print. Dragging on print surface. It seem fine after checking it with m280 p7 s160 than m280 p7 s10 and 90. It homed once after. I started another print with g29 s1 so it wouldn't run the mesh level again. This time it didn't deploy during print start homing. I left the room for a minute and the nozzle pushed through the glass and bent a 1o mm ball screw. Pushed the screw up out of the support bearing block and finely snapped a 6 mm belt. This machine uses 5.6 amp drive at 24 volts with dual steppers all around at 280 oz in each. I know it's my fault for leaving the run on startup, but why is there no time limit if z never triggering an endstop. It was at least a full minute plunging into the glass, torquing up and breaking many parts. And why do these probes start deploying and retracting over and over again during a print run. It was a hour into print when I noticed this behavior?

  • This totally doesn't help you now, but you should turn your stepper current down until they have just enough torque to do their job, and not enough to break things. I avoided similar mishaps on my printer by doing that.

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    During Z homing, the movement of the Z probe is limited to 1.1x the axis length. It has to be this big in case you home from max Z. So there is a "timeout" as you put it.

    My guess is that you have a dodgy crimp connection in the wiring to the probe, or a faulty probe.

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