Amps required for DuetWifi + 7 inch panelDue

  • Been trying to track down an issue with my replacement DuetWifi either entering a loop restarting after a M999 or a reset after config.g. It's taking a long time to come back online, sometimes it eventualy does, other times I need to do a complete shutdown. A complete shutdown results in a quick power up and connection to wifi.

    One thing I noticed is that powering the DuetWifi via 5vsb on my ATX power supply only, results in the panel screen backlight flashing. Connecting just USB results in a dim screen. Connecting both results in full on screen with no issues other than resets taking a very long time as noted above.

    One thing I suspect is my power supply 5vsb line, which supplies a max of 3 amps. Is that enough? I took a look through the forum and documentation and did not find power requirements listed. If 3 amps is enough, I will take the next step to verify it's actually supplying 3 amps.

    The switched 5v rail supplies 25 amps, but obviously that doesn't help if the DuetWifi shuts the ATX supply down as I have no way to turn it back on when not plugged into USB.

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    PanelDue with a 7" screen draws about 700mA from +5V. The Duet itself draws less than 200mA. So 3A should be plenty.

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