Z axis test (Help needed)

  • Hi All,

    At this moment I am building a big Hypercube Evo 500³.
    Now I am completely new to the Duet WiFi board, so completely NOOB here 🙂

    I would like to test my Z axis (2 motors) in a easy way.
    For now I connected the 2 motors at the Y and X axis because I could not get them to run in the Z axis connection.
    I started the motors with the command G28 Z then they run for roughly 10 seconds.

    Is there a quick and clean way to get them running in the Z axis?
    As you can see in the Youtube link the printer is still very "naked" but I am able to for instance fake any end stops.

    Any hits and or tips are more than welcome!

    Greetz Johan


  • administrators

    To test an axis, first send G91 to select relative coordinate mode. Then send e.g. G1 S2 Z10 to increase the distance between the nozzle and the bed by 10mm, or G1 S2 Z-10 to reduce it by 10mm.

  • Hi dc42,

    Thanx, this works like a charm!

    Greetz Johan

  • Hi,

    I got everything working perfectly 🙂


    Greetz Johan

  • administrators

    Thanks for sharing! BTW you can test the effect of different motor currents by sending the M906 command from the GCode Console, without rebooting the Duet. Then when you have found the value you are happy with, edit the M906 command in config,g as you did.

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