Idle temperature: hotend + hotbed keep hot X min after print finished

  • Hello!

    need some guidance:

    it happens that i need to adjust something in the printed sample in CAD immediately after print.

    • including at the end
    M104 S0  ; Set Hot-end to 0C (off)
    M140 S0  ; Set bed to 0C (off)
    ```leads to almost cold tool and bed in few minutes.
    * NOT including these commands leads to always hot bed and tool :)
    * including some wait (G226 pause) inside leads to a situation that next print cannot be started until pause is finished
    ????? what is a correct way to keep tool & bed in standby for 10 min and than go off, at the same time if there is new print - not to wait 10 min and start printing immediately
    thank you very much!

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