Bed & Chamber Heater Config for PanelDue

  • I know this is probably an odd configuration, but I have a bed and chamber heater of which I wish to independently control. I have the bed wired to the bed heater (H0) and the chamber heater wired to E2 (H3)

    I will note I have not connected the chamber heater element, but I have the SSR connected. (enclosure is in progress). In the web control the chamber shows up just fine and the chamber heater LED H3 (E2) will turn on if I enable the chamber heater. (I did have to edit the config-override.g to remove some PID parameters for H3 for it to work correctly.) But nothing shows up on the PanelDue for the chamber heater.

    I am running Duet Ethernet (FW 1.20) with DueX5 and a V2 PanelDue(FW 1.16)

    As a side note, the temperature for the chamber shows up as the 4th temp from the left if I define a higher numbered heater. To better explain, I was redoing the wiring for my printer and wanted to use H7, as my second extruder in my IDEX setup shares a common wire bundle for the motor and heater wire. When I changed the config.g file to use H6 (I thought it was H6 not H7 for a moment and H7 does not show up on the panel due 5" screen) the chamber heater shows up as the 4th temperature from the left with invalid temperatures for the undefined extruder temperatures, but does not have any button (above the temp reading) to enable or disable the chamber heater.

    ; Setup PT-100 Sensors
    M305 P1 X200 F60	;Right Extruder - U
    M305 P2 X201 F60	;Left Extruder	- X
    ;Setup Thermocouples
    M305 P0 X104 F60	;Heated Bed
    M305 P3 X105 F60	;Chamber
    M140 H0 P0
    M143 H0 S95                           ; set maximum extruder temperature to 275c
    H143 H1 S275
    H143 H2 S275
    M141 H3 P0		;Chamber Heater
    M143 H3 S80                               ; set Max chamber heater
    M301 H3 P-1
    M570 S180					; Hot end may be a little slow to heat up so allow it 180 seconds
    ; Fans thermostatic
    M106 P1 T45 H1
    M106 P2 T45 H2

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    I'm sorry, PanelDue doesn't yet support chamber heaters.

  • Thanks for letting me know! Not a big deal right now as I can always use the web interface.

  • Is the chamber heater for the PanelDue firmware on the radar

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    Is the chamber heater for the PanelDue firmware on the radar

    Yes but not immediately.

  • Cool. Thanks

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