LED-Strip / illumination controlled with extruder heater 2

  • Hello and many greetings dear community!

    I've learnd so many things with the help of this forum, so I'll give something, that I've learned, back.
    I'm using a LED illumination for my printer housing and wanted to controll it over the web interface.

    I dind't found the right thread in this forum but continued searching and found a answer, from David Crocker, in a google group.

    I had a problem. I damaged my duet wifi and now I can only use two controllable fan outputs, instead of three, so I had to find a nother way.
    Why not using the E1 heater and controll it with PWM values?

    Here is my solution:

    I've created some macros with the following coding lines:
    M307 H2 A-1 C-1 D-1 ; disable the heater functionality
    M42 P2 S0 ; controll P2 with PWM values (S###)

    (thanks to David)

    I think the M307 code could be added to the config.g, but it didn't worked for me. Please let me know, if I've made a mistake and it works.

    Happy printing! 🙂

    My greetings

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    Yes, that should work, including adding the M307 command to config.g. Make sure there isn't another M307 H2 command in config-override.g.

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