PSU voltage - how important

  • Hi
    I run a duet wifi from a cheap PSU and the voltage is displayed as 11.7 volts on the web interface
    I run a 240 volt heated bed using an SSR and this works well so I am happy to keep this
    Would a better quality PSU eg computer atx psu be better and possibly more stable in running the Duet
    What I am wondering is how sensitive are the stepper drivers to voltage change caused by the PSU and can voltage drift affect print quality

    Rob H

  • I've one machine where the voltage is rock steady and another where it varies from 10.7 to 12.3. I wouldn't say I notice the difference between them in terms of print quality.

  • administrators

    The measurement of VIN is only accurate to about +/-3%, and the Duet is quite tolerant of variations in supply voltage. So don't worry about it. Version 1.20 firmware even compensates for the supply voltage when adjusting heating power, once you have run heater tuning in version 1.20.

  • thanks DC42 that puts my mind at ease

    Rob H

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