Over Temperature Shutdown Cannot Extrude

  • Help! My duet just flashed an over temperature shutdown on drivers 3 message. I restarted it and now it won't extrude. When I hit "extrude" in DWC the motor makes a squeaking noise but then nothing happens. Did I break it? I was printing earlier today and the only thing I've changed is to set up mesh compensation.

    Update: I left it alone for a while and came back to discover that I can't move my Y axis either. When I try to home Y it makes a grinding noise and then stops.

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    My guess is that either there is a short in your extruder motor wiring, or the extruder motor driver has failed. Is there any sign of damage to the either the E0 or the Y stepper driver?

    If two drivers have failed at the same time, that could be caused by excessive input voltage. What is the voltage coming out of your power supply?

  • What would damage to the driver look like? Input voltage is only 12v.

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    When drivers fail there is often a small hole or burn mark on them, some way from the centre of the chip.

    If the drivers look OK, check the crimp connections on the stepper motor cables.

  • There seems to be a black spot on my E0 driver:

    But I don’t see any damage on my Y driver.

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    I think your Duet has at least one faulty driver. Please ask your supplier to repair or replace the Duet.

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