New beta firmware 1.20.1RC1

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    I have just released this. All the binaries are now available via (follow the link to the one you want, then press Download). DuetWebControl 1.20 and DuetWiFiServer 1.20 remain compatible with this release

    From the what's new file:

    New features:
    -Added M39 command to return SD card free space and other information

    Bug fixes:

    • Filament monitors are now disabled when simulating a print
    • Fixed a step number calculation bug that caused benign step error reports with some values of pressure advance
    • Fixed a lookahead bug that caused occasional step errors.

    The reason for making this a release candidate is in case the lookahead bug fix has a negative impact on print speed or quality.

    Please provide feedback on this release, whether good, bad or no-change, in this thread.

  • My printer (i3 clone) is printing as usual without any issues with 1.20.1RC1 (as it did with 1.20)

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    @whosrdaddy, thanks for the feedback. It's a shame no-one else has responded.

    I have just released 1.20.1RC2 so I will close this thread.

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