WiFi connection and upload speed

  • Is there any way to display the wifi network your connected to, the band in use and the connect speed in DWC?

    I just tested an upload and got around 620KiB/s constant for a 69MB upload.

    The access point i'm connected to in this case is in the same room (office) about 12 feet away and the Duet is actually the only thing connected to this point. It is not the fastest access point in the world but i get consistent multiple MB speeds to other network shares so the speed observed is not directly attributed to the Access Point.

    It's hard to investigate further without knowing what the Duet WiFi connection is like in terms of reported connect speed.


  • I think the ~600kb limit is the data transfer between the ESP8266 and SD card, not the wifi, right?

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    There are at least three factors that determine the file upload speed:

    1. Overall speed of data transfer between the ESP8266 and the PC. This depends on how good the WiFi signal is, how efficient the firmware on the ESP8266 is, and to a lesser extent (usually) on your router and PC.

    2. Speed of data transfer between the ESP8266 and the SAM4E processor. The current firmware runs the SPI link at 26.7MHz clock rate, which gives a theoretical transfer rate in excess of 3Mbytes/sec. However, the transfer at the ESP8266 end does not use DMA, so it can't simultaneously transfer data to the SAM4E and process new incoming data for the WiFi interface.

    3. Speed at which data can be written to the SD card by the SAM4E. The raw interface speed can be found by running M122 and is usually 20Mbytes/sec. However, SD cards cannot accept data continuously at such high rates. The actual speed obtained depends on the SD card, how large the files is, and the size of the block written to the card,

    I mostly test using a 10Mbyte file, and I usually get a speed in excess of 800kbytes/sec.

  • Hi David,

    1. This is the reason I asked if we could have the wifi connection and connection speed displayed preferable in DWC but at least via m122, crap signal always gets crap speed but unlikely in this case..

    2. well that will knock it around a lot.

    3. Well somewhat surprisingly the sustained write speed for the default supplied card writing a 350Mb file via a USB adaptor on a Win10 machine was just over 6MB/s - a 10Mbyte file was essentially the same.

    anything over 500KiB is ok in reality, I just use the upload time to start a preheat in the bed 🙂

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    I do have some work planned to increase the upload speed, but it's not a high priority because as you say the upload speed is already acceptable to most users. I'll look into what connection data we can get from the ESP8266.

  • Thanks David


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