Mini height sensor board V1.2

  • Hi,
    I have the new V1.2 of the board now mounted to my machine but the readings are strange. I checked the wiring and with different surfaces and the build plate, finger, black rubber strip, paper.
    If nothing is near the value is 0 –> ok.
    If something is within detection range the value jumps to 1004.

    I have the earlier version here too, this has the expected and documented behaviour when something get near it reads 486 and if it is closer then 520 or so...

    Is there a problem with my new sensor board?

  • administrators

    You should get the ~1000 reading if either the sensor has started up in digital mode (which it will do if it is connected to a pin with a pullup resistor), or if there is too much IR entering the sensor and it is saturated (in which case it will flash rapidly).

    How many flashes does the sensor give at power up? 2 means digital mode, 4 means analog mode.

  • Errrrr strange…
    I unplugged it to see how many flashes...
    Replugging it flashed 4 times and then it reads the expected values of 486 and 540...
    Repowering the DW also four flashed and correct analog reading...

    Strange... But fixed 😄

  • not exactly on the same subject but wondered if @dc42 you had seen these before Aus3d mini ir z probe? Just came across them while i was looking for something else.

  • administrators

    Yes I have seen them before. It's based on my version 1.0 design, with some changes like the 4-pin connector.

  • Think i will still stick with your original ones for any future purchases. Was just interested if you had seen them.

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