Issue with simulating prints (stop.g called) bug?

  • Using firmware 1.20, I tried to simulate a print. After the simulation, suddenly my print bed and head started jumping around. As best as I can tell, the "simulated" M0 at the end of the gcode file caused my stop.g script to be run "for real."

    Here are the last few lines of the gcode file I was simulating:

    G1 X-8.197 Y9.259 E0.0611
    G1 X-8.055 Y9.400 F3206
    G1 E-1.0000 F2502
    ; layer end
    ;M84 ; disable motors
    ; Build Summary
    ;   Build time: 0 hours 19 minutes
    ;   Filament length: 1534.0 mm (1.53 m)
    ;   Plastic volume: 3689.80 mm^3 (3.69 cc)
    ;   Plastic weight: 4.58 g (0.01 lb)
    ;   Material cost: 0.07

    And, here's my stop.g file:

    G90 ; absolute positioning
    G1 Z150 F1800 ; move the build plate down
    G28 X Y ; home X/Y
    M104 S0 ; turn off extruder
    M140 S0 ; turn off bed
    M106 S0 ; turn off the layer fan
    M84 ; turn off the motors
    M300 P1000 ; make some noise

  • administrators

    Thanks for your report. I'll check the behaviour.

  • administrators

    This will be fixed in release 1.20.1.

  • Awesome. Thank you for having a great product (even if you're partially responsible for the killing of R2-D2.)

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