Klipper - Any benifit to the duet?

  • https://github.com/KevinOConnor/klipper

    Apparently speeds up printing on 8bit boards. Anyone have thoughts about integrating with Duet?

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    I'm sure it could be done, but what would be the purpose? The Duets don't have the same speed and RAM limitations that 8-bit boards have. The Duets do with a single electronics board what Klipper does with two, or with one and a dedicated PC.

  • Thanks that's what I assumed. The other issue I see if that on most printers, it's not the CPU preventing high speed, it's the rigidity of the machine. I doubt klipper will be able to solve that.

  • Klipper would seem to be a clever solution to making 8bit boards more precise at higher speeds. Its a neat idea since you might already have a ramps/mega plus a raspi (with octoprint) attached.

    It surprises me that Marlin didn't go this way with their 32-bit move since its easier to add a pi (plus octoprint giving you wifi capability) for £20 than to buy a 32bit board (like a re-arm or mks sbase) and then rewire your machine.

    At present, it seems to be a pretty basic firmware compared to Marlin, Smoothie or RRF. But its a nice lateral thinking solution to the problem of slow 8bit boards, just use the 8bit board as a slave unit.

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