Gcode to turn off a tool?

  • What is the gcode command to turn OFF a specific tool (as opposed to put it in standby?)

    My machine has two heaters/nozzles, and while "standby" temperatures are sometimes nice, there are times when I'm completely done with a specific tool and just want the heater for it to be completely turned off. (So far, the closest I've come has been to set the standby temperature to 0.)

    (I've searched in the wiki (https://duet3d.com/wiki/G-code) but the closest I've found is in the description of the "T" command, it mentions running M0, M1 or M112, but all those will turn off all the tools, not just a specific one.)


  • another duet/RRF gcode question:

    The duet gcode wiki entry for M109 (tool temp) suggests using "G10 followed by M116." Jumping to the section for G10 ("Tool offset" .. I'm trying to ignore the other "g10" for retracting) I see it's a swiss army knife command (in that it appears to do lots of different things.)

    So, getting to my question, if I want to set the temperature for tool 0 to 200C, do I use "G10 T0 S200" or "G10 P0 S200"? (T parameter or P parameter?)

    Related to that, if I send G10's to heat up two different tools (T0 and T1) and now want to wait for them to get up to temperature, it seems I should use M116. Do I need to call M116 twice (M116 P0, M116 P1) or can I call it once with something like "M116 P0:1"?

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    There is currently no GCode to turn an individual tool off.

    To set the active temperature of tool 0 to 200C, use G10 P0 S200.

    M116 with no parameters will wait for all tools, bed and chamber heaters to reach their assigned temperatures.

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