Cosmetic html interface issue (switching SDcards)

  • While in the middle of a print, I went into the web interface, selected "G-Code files" on the left side, and then selected the droplist for the SDCard. I selected the second SDCard (which shouldn't be accessible as I only have a 4pin cable attaching my paneldue, and no sdcard inserted into the panel.)

    This eventually resulted in an error, but then the droplist became grayed out (disabled) and stuck with the text "Mounting…"

    The web interface otherwise continued to work and the print seemed to be unaffected.

    Leaving and reentering that page on the web interface didn't correct the droplist. Disconnecting and reconnecting the interface also didn't not correct it. If I open the web interface in a new browser window (or tab), the issue is corrected in the new window or tab.

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