Using fans to cool down build plate

  • I have 2 70mm 24 volt fans that are laying around and figure i would try to use them to cool down the build plate, any time i want to lower the temperature or turn it off it retains the heat for a very long time. Is there a way I can set them to turn on when i request a lower temp to help the temperature drop quicker and shut off when the temperature is reached? ? I know when a print is finished I can set it to kick on the fans. Also can 2 24 volt fans be wired together to only use one plug on duet wifi?

  • 2 24v fans can be wired together – just wire them in parallel. You can configure fans to be dependent on a temperature -- which is how hotend fans are configured, so I assume you want to activate this behavior when the print finishes. So you'd do the following in your end gcode

    M106 P# T30:60 H0

    so that would turn the fan(s) on if the bed is between 30 and 60c --
    at the start of the print would do the following

    M106 P# T90:120 H0

    this will make sure this fan doesn't cool your bed during the print.
    adjust the temperatures accordingly

  • Thanks! I was hoping some G or M codes would exists. Got love the duet firmware

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