Haydn magnet arms any going spare you want to sell?

  • So the world is full of delta arms that were too short and have been replaced and are surplus to requirements. Does anyone (uk/europe) have a set of 6 Haydn Huntley magnet arms surplus? I'd consider any length I'm happy to cut/adjust if needed. I have balls, but if the balls go with the arms the so be it.

    Just hoping to avoid having to wait for shipping from the US (and customs charges).

  • simon remember that Duet3D stock the 360mm long ones (if there in stock that is)

  • Thanks Doug. Yes, that's very helpful. I was hoping to pick some up for less than £75 though. Tempted to make some myself Haydn's designs are online, they won't be as good but it'll be more fun.

  • it's getting the magnets that are the big problem there are a lot of ones out there that say N52 or whatever and your lucky if there anywhere near that strong

  • I found some magnets to try, quite looking forward to making some arms up. Would still buy some though if anyone has any spare.


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