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    I have a question about Duet webcontrol.bin. Maybe it is a stupid question, but I realy don't know where to begin. I want to update my web control to version 1.20. But every where i look there is a .zip file. But what I need is a .bin file. Can any one please tell me how to make a .bin file from a zip file?

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  • you dont need a bin file just simply drag the zip to the upload file button on the Settings/General tab and let it do its magic takes around 10 seconds

  • Thanks a million for your quick answer. So it is verry simple. But I realy couldn't find anything about it on the web and I'm a real noob in firmware and things. So maybe it's a good idea to make a section on this forum about it.

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    DuetWebControl.bin was used with firmware 1.18 and earlier, when the web server ran on the WiFi module. With 1.19 and later, the web server runs on the Duet main processor instead and the web files are fetched from the SD card. It's because of this big change that the upgrade from 1.18 or earlier to 1.19 or later on the Duet WiFi is more complicated than firmware upgrades normally are.

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