Z Problem with Idex

  • Need help please.


    My 2nd extruder in mid print appear to dig into previous layer and cause shifting problem. Had to cancel the print.


  • here's zooming in

    [update] change the I30 to I60 seems to have solved the issue. is this related to this issue?
    M906 X950 U950 Y950 Z980 E800:800 I60 ; Set motor currents (mA) and motor idle factor in per cent

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    I can't see why increasing the idle current should have changed anything unless the original problem occurred after you paused and resumed the print, and 30% idle current was insufficient to maintain the position of the effector in the paused state.

  • I didn't pause and resume the print

    Agreed I also don't think what I did ( from 30 to 60) should fix the problem especially when the problem appear to happen during printing, so the active toolhead (T1) was dipping midprint. Strangely T0 actually holds its z position…

    And also more strangely I don't have this Z dipping issue if I do single head printing only. Tested with both T0 and T1 and each of them successfully complete the print

    There might be something happening during toolchange... I'm not sure

  • Dc42 don't worry about this one. I'm 99% certain it is my build issue. I know what happened and will post solution here once I worked it out so as to close this post. Just want to give you heads up. It's the bowden tube pressure buildup pressing down the hotend…

  • [solved]

    I have a very short ptfe betwee bondtech and e3d heatsink. Turns out I had used the wrong nozzle size.. I installed 0.25mm and when slicing I set it as though it's a 0.3mm nozzle… This result in too much pressure in the ptfe and bondtech never slips so it pushes down the e3d hence giving me false thinking that the z tower on right side appear to struggle...

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