DWC - change colours?

  • I now have two Duet WiFi controlled printers so want to change the colour of one in DWC to avoid me getting confused.

    I've found this page http://reprap.org/wiki/Duet_Web_Control which discusses this in "Special configuration" but I can't find those files on my SD card. For example, it says to edit "www/css/default.css" but that file does not exist. The folder www/css ony contains 'bootstrap-theme.css.gz', 'dwc.css.gz' and 'slate.css.gz'

    Has this changed in 1.20, or am I simply missing something basic (very likely!)



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    On the Settings page there is a Theme selection. The None and Bootstrap selections are the same as far as I can see, but the Dark theme is different.

    The colours of the Dark theme are controlled by the slate.css file. So if you edit that file on one of your printers, you can have different sets of colours for the two printers.

    You don't have to gzip the slate.css file because if the firmware doesn't find slate.css.gz it will look for slate.css instead.

    You will probably find that if you delete the slate.css.gz file from one of your printers, it will revert to the default colours.

  • Thanks, David. I'll experiment with this - the gz extension was throwing me.


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