Duex5 Motor driver issue

  • I purchased 2 Duet WiFi and 2 Duex5 boards in October and have just gotten around to adding additional motors to the Z Axis for bed leveling. I previously had 2 Z Axis motors on the Duet and have added the additional 2 motors on the Duex. It seems that one of the drivers (#7 in the configuration) is not working. It just makes the motor chatter on a move command. I've tried swapping motors and the problem stays with the port on the Duex. Normally I would just map around this but I need all the motors to work on this configuration. In addition to the X, Y and Z motors (total of 6) I also have 3 extruders and I have a BLTouch connected to port 9.

    At the time I bought this the warranty was specified as 30 days but I see it is now 6 months. I'm hoping I can get an exchange for this. It was purchased from Filastruder in the US.

    Of course I'm certainly open to suggestions on other things to try if you think there might be a mistake on my part but I'm pretty satisfied that it is a board issue.

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    It does sound like a faulty driver to me, so ask Tim to repair or replace the board.

  • That was fast… Thanks. I'll send an email to Tim.

  • Swapped it out today and the new board works fine. Thank you.

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