Filament monitor false positive alarm

  • Lately I am having a lot of false positive alarm.
    I printed about 30 hours without problem but in the last print the process stopped many times without an evident filament hang.

    Also the filament monitor started to make noise during printing ( squeaking).
    anyone had similar problem?


  • I managed to find the cause of my problems . the titan plastic lid was broken and the bearing didn't run smooth.
    I repaired it and now the monitor works like a charm . I successfully printed a 24 hours statue without an issue.

  • administrators

    See the E3D forum for details of a known issue with recent Titan extruders, and how/when to get a free replacement part.

  • Thank you dc42 for the tip found the thread on reddit and already contacted e3d support , I am waiting for a replacement meanwhile I am using a printed one.

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