Auto calibration deviation

  • Just trying to see what a decent value for calibration is, after completing the calibration using an IR sensor, it comes up with a value of .016. Do I need to press with making this better?


  • Sounds pretty good to me, the standard deviation of the set of bed probing points you have is between 1 and 2 hundredths of a millimetre. I think that will probably do the trick. I am getting down to 0.02 usually and my printer is fairly "no compromise". How does a bed level test spiral across the entire bed look? Are your calibration objects dimensionally accurate?

    My other delta, a much less rigid machine, manages to using Rich Cattell's marlin, derive a solution to 0.05mm after about 30 minutes of trying.

    I think the only thing which would enhance this accuracy would be to then grid level, to compensate for any unevenness in the bed. But I think this feature is planned for the 1.17 firmware release.

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