Standby power and turned off PanelDue in standby mode?

  • Hey Duet3D forum!
    This is a question regardning my DIY printer here:

    Right now I have a 12V supply which is always available supplying a 5V DCDC converter (Not elegant I know, I would have liked to be without this but..). I plan to use this to power the duet board. The reason for this is that my 24V main PS only has a 0.2A 5V standby supply. That is 1W of standby power. I am of the understanding that the duet board uses 2W and the panel due uses 3.5W. This will make the 24V PS 5V standby supply insufficient to power even the board alone. Am I right?

    Either way I would actually really like the display to be turned off when the machine is sleeping (Main PS is turned off by PS-On/Off function). Can this be achieved without any additional electronics (Relay on display power or 5V DCDC from 24V main PS)?

    What I would like to happen is that:
    • I turn on the mains power for the machine -> machine enter standby mode where only my permanent 12V and thus 5V supply is on. The 12 V power some LED’s and the 5V powering the duet. The Panel due should still be off!(dunno how to do this).

    • The machine can then be fully activated via web interface or a button on the front of the machine. This will command the duet to turn on the 24V PS via the PS-ON/OFF function. When the 24V is turned on so is the 12V which power the cabinet fans, LED’s and hotend fans. The relay controlling mains power for the bed SSR is also triggered directly by the 24V supply (This signal can be disengaged by a thermal fuse connected to the bed). This is the point where I would like the display to turn on.

    • After finished prints the machine will cool down and then turn off the 24V supply thus returning to the standby mode described above. The standby mode can also be activated by a second button on the front of the machine (which also acts as an emergency stop).

    So the question is:
    Can I have the display turned off in standby mode?
    Am I right that 1W is insufficient to power the Duet board in standby?

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    Currently there isn't a way to command the PanelDue to turn off its backlight other than by removing its 5V supply, but I am considering adding one in the next firmware release.

    The Duet draws around 1W when it is idle but this rises to around 2W or perhaps a little more when it is transmitting over WiFi.

  • Q: Would it be possible to use a relay to just disconnect the +5VDC pin to the PanelDue when the 24v (or 12v) main PSU is turned off?

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  • Oh it would be really cool if it could be done via firmware in the future, i would be a big fan at least!
    Less spaghetti in my electronics xD

    But until then i guess there is no way around the relay then..

    I will keep my 5V dcdc then. I want to be able to reach the machine over WiFi when in standby mode.

    Once again, Thankyou for the quick and precise response!

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