Solved CPLD Screens (Use off)

  • David

    Due to recent issues I have been getting with My 7inch screen and PanelDUE V1 I have ordered a CPLD 7 Inch screen.

    Is there anything I need to do to connect it or is it Plug n Play?

    For sake of clarity the issue I have with the existing screen is that it can sometimes take 3-6 power cycles of the printer for the screen to initialise to the correct display. once it has initialised correctly it is alway fine when it doesn't it is just a mass of Greyscale lines.


  • Display arrived and connecting it to my PanelDue V1.0 with FW V1.20rc1 on it and the display doesn't initialise.

    Any advise do I need to upgrade to a V3.0 board?


  • administrators

    Did you install the CPLD build of the firmware?

    I didn't write the CPLD display support, i accepted a pull request from another developer. So I don't know much about it.

  • Ah didn't even realise there was a specific build can you link to it please



  • Thank you David for the Firmware file and the display is definitely crisper with the CPLD Panel although it hasn't cured my issue when it is on the printer and I suspect it is down to the 5V rail not having the guts to drive it (I have prob a 1.5 mar long loom) so I will re-wire it using some slightly heavier gauge wire for the Power lines for it and see if that makes any difference.

    Failing that I can always feed it with an external 5V USB Cable till it has booted up fully

    Thanks Again


  • So is this CPLD build available to download? I can't seem to find it.

  • yes it is now on the GitHub for the panelDue GitHub

    They are the ones with 7.0C in the titles



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