File Size Limits for Duet v0.6 and Second Generation?

  • Hi All,

    Does the duet have similar 1-2gb file size limits to other 32 bit systems or in practice does it struggle with files a fraction of this size?

    Not something I am imminently considering but likely to need figures for a pending debate at work!


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    The file size limit is currently 4Gb.

  • I guess no one would like to upload 4Gb to a duet 😉

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    I guess no one would like to upload 4Gb to a duet 😉

    It would take over an hour, perhaps longer because the FAT filing system isn't very efficient for storing large files.

  • Thanks.

    An hour load time is not a problem for a 80hr build! I doubt that aspect of the project will run that far (the generation of the CAD data would be painful too, slicing even worse!) but if it does it will be after sorting enclosure, risk assessment, automatic extinguisher, and long pauses.

    I'll verify (next week) a large file load time for a python generated slice file and respond on this thread with the results.

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