New Board?

  • So, ordered my second Duet WiFi from Filastruder for my 3rd 3D printer build. When it got here, noticed some subtle changes on the board.

    Major Change: A 1A fuse has been installed right behind the Power in connections. Is this to protect the power going to the board, making sure that it does not draw to Mich current for it's own components.

    Minor Change: The back of the board now says Duet 2. I don't remember exactly what my other (5 month old board) says on the back, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't say Duet 2.

    Searched the interwebs and couldn't find anything about a hardware change. Found a post on the forums with some pictures of another person's board that was about a month old and it did not have the fuse on it.

    Any thoughts?

  • This may help…

    Edit: Quote from above link: "The version number is marked on the silkscreen on the board, to the left of the large processor chip."

    Your board is V1.03

  • Dates are a little buried but I've pulled the ones off the Schematics and got the following:

    V1.00 02/07/16
    V1.01 29/09/16
    V1.02 07/02/17
    V1.03 21/10/17

  • On the hardware link the schematic dates for the Duet v0.8.5 and v0.6 are:

    V0.6 18/10/13
    V0.8.5 07/07/15

    On the hardware overview it mentions the release date as a August, a month after the schematic files were dated. Probably similar for the other releases.

    Edit: I was wondering about release schedules myself this morning!

    v0.6 lasted around 21 months
    v0.8.5 lasted around 12 months
    v1.. has lasted about 17 months

    Some of the changes being muted for the next major release are massive changes, such as CAN-BUS. Can't see that being released imminently. Having said that I'm yet to fully explore the capabilities/limits of my v0.6 board!

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