Duetwifi case design

  • Hi,
    Has anybody got an openscad design for the duet wifi?
    The reason I would like openscad is so that it can be modified to take the deuex5 board as well.

    Just looking for shortcuts to print a case so any help would be very appreciated

    I will have asked this on the reprap duet forum as well.

  • I put mine on Thingiverse and included the open scad file. Here you go http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1830918.

    It takes a fan internally to blow air on the underside of the board. I've made two and have them mounted one above the other on the fame as I plan on having the duex5 in it's own enclosure but you could play around with the file. I'm not an OpenScad expert but you should be able to make sense of the file.

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