Any experience with Taulman Alloy 910

  • Hey, hoping someone with some experience can give any advice on helping me with printing using Alloy 910. I have a duplicator 6 that has a duet wifi, E3D 3mm V6 and titan extruder, bowden tube is around 600mm. The main issue I have is my retraction… cant seem to nail it down and on smaller holes around 4mm, the corner of the hole or wall that is perpendicular to the whole has a slight bulge. I started with some generic PLA to get the basics down. My retraction settings for PLA are M207 S3.5 R0 F3600 T3600 Z0 and pressure advance is M572 D0 S0.2. Seems to work pretty good, retraction locations are almost non existent. I have tried bumping up my retraction with Alloy 910 all the way to 6mm and played with all sorts of pressure advance ranges. Nothing seems to stop the zits that appear where it retracts. I am using Simplify 3D version 4 and firmware retraction only. Does anyone know if the wipe and coast features still work when using firmware retraction? I am printing another model with Alloy 910 right now and will post pictures.

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    I haven't used that particular filament; but zits are a generally a sign of insufficient retraction. With a 600mm Bowden tube, you may need slightly more retraction than 6mm. I used to need 7-8mm on my delta when printing ordinary PLA, although I have reduced that to 5-6mm now that I use Capricorn PTFE tubing and more pressure advance than I had before.

  • Im printing with Taulman Alloy 910 quite a lot. Im using 6 to 7mm retraction on about 550mm bowden length without pressure advance.
    For me pressure advance causes over extrusion as described in another topic, so you may want to disable it just to eliminate this possibility.

    Another problem i encountered is that there are bubbles forming where water in the filament is boiling. This is most pronounced on retractions and while bridging, so where the material can more easily expand, this can cause blobs.
    You could try to put you filament in an oven at 80-90 degrees celsius for 4 hours, however it will reabsorb most of the water within 24 hours from air humidity. Im doing this before printing very dimensional critical parts.

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