IR Probe problem Can any one hlep?

  • Ok I installed IR Probe I got with my Duet Wifi when I tried Z home i get the "z probe already triggered at start of probing move"

    I went to the David Crocker's Solutions blog Mini height sensor board and tried the M558 P1 and then sent the G31 P500 Z1.0
    the value with the surface around 11 cm below is 1000.

    With the sensor a long way above any surface, the reading should be close to zero. READING 1000
    With the sensor close to a surface but slightly further away than the trigger height, the reading should be about 465. I got a reading of 536
    With the sensor slightly closer to a surface, the reading should be about 535 and the red LED on the sensor board should illuminate. when the led goes red i get a reading of 461
    If you place a surface right up against the sensor board, then the reading may drop to near zero again. This is normal. Same as above 461
    If you see a reading of around 1000, or if the LED flashes rapidly, this means that there is too much ambient IR for the sensor to function correctly. This normally happens only when direct bright sunlight is reflected from the bed into the sensor, or when you place a highly reflective surface below the sensor such as aluminium foil.

    It's night time no brgiht lights on and even if i turn the lights off its still 1000.
    Any ides as to what IU'm doing wrong.


    Giving it a bump

  • No help?

  • administrators

    It sounds to me that you have parameter I1 in your M558 command. Remove that I1 parameter.

  • Thanks David did not see that on the page.

    Yes that was the problem. Thanks again

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